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Lib Dem manifesto sets out plans to stop the Tory school cuts

November 24, 2019 12:25 PM

Local schools will get a huge boost under a Lib Dem Government, thanks to plans to stop the Tory cuts and start investing in our young people.

Alan Hilliar, Lib Dem candidate for Aldershot constituency, explained: "Our schools from years of Tory cuts locally and nationally. They're struggling to recruit teachers or even to keep their buildings in a good state of repair.

"Children with the most complex needs have suffered the most from the Tories' cuts - we simply can't go on like this. But by stopping Brexit, we can spend £10 billion of our Remain Bonus on reversing school cuts and hiring 20,000 more teachers - so that pupils can leave school happy, healthy and with the skills they need to succeed in life."

The Lib Dem manifesto will also help families by providing free, high-quality childcare for every child aged two to four, for 35 hours a week, 48 weeks a year. This offer is extended to children aged between 9 and 24 months where their parents are in work.

Alan added, "The Lib Dem childcare plan will help hard-pressed local families by ensuring that, if they want to, both parents can afford to return to work full-time after having children." The Lib Dems want to stop the Tory school cuts